Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery, with them occasionally in recent times. Technical planning, the equipment used and the right method before the operation This means that the over-sized or bad-looking breasts must be reduced.

What is Breast Reduction?

Things like the unknown are effective in distinguishing that you’re aesthetically beautiful. Beautiful and pleasant buttocks, chest area, proper physics, various details that make unique women attractive. Breasts also have an important place among these details. However, from time to time aesthetics can be very difficult to be appreciated for the case of breasts can be noticed. Women with very small or very large breasts Physical difficulties, especially those with very large breasts, women who have difficulties, unable to do sports, difficulty in moving activities, such as the beginning of problems. The remaining ladies who have already stayed in this type are also medium to eager for breast reduction surgery’s.

Breast Reduction Operations Who is Suitable for?

She doesn’t have breast reduction for the person she wants. Instead, it is necessary to pay attention to the following points in order to make a healthier decision;

  • The person must be over 18 years of age. Because breast development has passed until this age.
  • Due to virgin hypertrophy (overdevelopment), the parents of candidates under the age of 18 must be asked for permission.
  • the person has not entered menopause.
  • For women who have given birth or breastfeeding, milk is discontinued while waiting for 6 months.
  • This operation is performed more appropriately in those with firm and firm chest tissue.
  • It is more suitable for users who have thin body and weight.

What to do in the Morning of the Surgery Day?

As is the case with all things, there are some situations that need to be mentioned in advance;

  • It is imperative that you do not eat or drink anything for up to 6 hours
  • Anesthesia Practitioner is present at the center at least 1 hour before the operation time so that anesthesia examination can be performed
  • Although not necessary, makeup, necklace, watch and so on. should not be preferred because it will facilitate air
  • It is expected that the person will come to discuss with the experts and experts exactly what kind of breast formula you want, some breast reduction operations will provide personal ability and satisfaction in special customer applications and personal meetings.
  • Specifying the patient’s blood for this operation;  but if there are different operations or administrations at the same time and a blood-related necessity arises

Preoperative Design and Related Procedures

The application of the expert will be followed by a how-to design. Pruning and drawing are carried out while the patient is standing. This procedure is very direct to avoid scarring after surgery.

First, the tip of the nipple to the location of the carrier, according to the shape to be given to form the surgical pencil to draw. Thus, the perfect form has to be achieved, the design had emerged.

Surgical Technical Details

Breast reduction surgery’s are usually initiated following the anesthesia procedure. However, if local anesthesia can be performed in rare cases, the operation can be performed without anesthesia.

The decisions of the specialist doctors are very important and it is expected to implement personal special aesthetic applications followed by general general forms and designs before surgery. These operations will last from 2 to 7 hours, and most importantly, and most importantly, effort is taken when there is no scar.

The Importance of Exchange of Ideas with Experts Before and After the Operation

It is a fact that women with larger and bulky breasts need smaller breast structures in these areas for a more pleasant appearance and ability to move more easily.  Therefore, breast reduction operations are performed. At this point, specialist and successful cosmetic surgeons are involved. At the beginning of the operation process, mutual exchange of ideas, designs and application steps are shared between the patient and the physician so that women have the breast structures of the desired size.  Then the operation is brought to life. Especially before the operation, various questions such as whether the patient has a different disease or discomfort, what type of medication he is using, and whether he is breastfeeding are also raised. All this information should be shared with experts directly.

Which Conditions Cause Breast Reduction Operation?

Since the desire to be liked is a very natural and normal condition, it makes sense to have such feelings and desires. The important issue here is the elimination of the feeling of being bad or ugly from time to time. Because people collapse and collapse in morale, and indeed it becomes even more inevitable for them. People who become self-confident become unhappy and restless. That’s why aesthetic touches and operations gain value. If people are disturbed away from any part of the body or limbs, these diseases should be remedied in some way. Specialists also want to help their patients. Breast reduction operations in women and men also draw attention here. This issue, which is mostly about women, is focused on men.

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