What is Facial Contouring Aesthetics?

Depression of cheekbone area, cheeks and expression lines occurs due to aging, environmental factors and weight loss. This makes the face pale, lifeless and bad. Face contouring aesthetics are used to soften expression lines and define facial features and facial features. Natural facial beauty can develop along with the facial contouring aesthetics, and with the removal of wrinkles, the collapsed cheekbone region is also revitalized. With the face shaping aesthetics, one’s self-confidence is achieved and a brighter and natural appearance is obtained.

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How is Facial Contouring Aesthetics Done?

Surgical aesthetic surgery is required for permanent shaping of the face. Under local anesthesia or general anesthesia, some implant materials are placed in the face area. Thanks to these implant materials, collapsed cheekbone region and cheek regions become full-bodied. In some cases, the excess fat from the cheeks is removed and the cheekbone area becomes more aesthetic. In the face shaping aesthetics, there is also the chin region. The jaw ahead or back from where it should be disrupts the facial aesthetics. For the remaining jaws, implant materials can be injected behind the jaw, and for the forward and dislocated jaw structure, the bone structure is corrected by surgical operation and the jaw is pulled back. In this way, face shaping aesthetics are made. The whole face contouring aesthetics can last an average of 1.5-2 hours.

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What Should Be Done After Face Contouring Aesthetics?

After facial contouring aesthetics, there may be temporary bruises and swelling. To prevent bruising and swelling in the post-operative period, an ice compress can be applied without direct skin contact.  Medications to be given by the doctor should be taken to the hour. Heavy exercise should be avoided for 1-2 weeks. It is also necessary to avoid using salt for a while as it may cause edema. There may be temporary numbness in the face area for 6-7 days. Makeup and facial peelings should not be used for 2 weeks. Avoid direct sunlight and apply sunscreen creams recommended by the doctor for 6-7 months. Sauna, hammam and solarium should be avoided for 1 month.The facial contouring aesthetic is a permanent aesthetic.

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