What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is the opening of the colors of the teeth in tones, removing stains and discoloration. Whitening is one of the most popular and common aesthetic dental treatments. Bleaching is not a one-time treatment. The tooth should be repeated from time to time to be brighter and healthier.

Why Teeth Whitening Treatment?

The color of natural teeth is formed by the reflection and dispersion of the color from the tooth enamel. Genes are a factor that affects tooth color. The thinner layer makes the color of the tooth more visible.

Every day, a thin coating (pellet) forms on the enamel and collects stains. The pores that may form in the enamel can keep the stains and increase the formation of stains.

The most common reasons why teeth are yellow or stained are:

  • Smoking
  • Drinking dark liquids such as coffee, cola, tea and red wine
  • Tooth brushing and maintenance
  • Aging also gives less shine by thinning and darkening the teeth.

What are Teeth Whitening Methods?

There are 2 different teeth whitening methods. These;

Home Bleaching: In this bleaching method, the physician prepares a transparent plaque by taking oral and dental measurements from the patient. Along with the prepared plaques, the substances to be used in the bleaching process are given to the patient himself. Before the patient goes to sleep at night (at night is the ideal time to drink something during the application), the dentist puts the whitening agent in his mouth and puts it in his mouth until morning. This whitening process lasts 4-5 days, the tooth’s tint can be turned on 4-7 tons.

Clinic Type Bleaching: In this method, the physician applies the bleaching procedure in the clinic.  Whitening agents are applied to the patient’s teeth with the help of a special beam or laser. The procedure is completed in 1-2 sessions. In some cases, sessions may be increased.

In both treatment methods, treatment procedures should be repeated once every 1-2 years in order not to lose whiteness of the teeth.

Does Cleaning Teeth Whiten Teeth?

The cleaning of plaque and tartar in the teeth, which is known as detergent, is the process of cleaning the teeth.  Provides the natural color of the teeth. Does not whiten teeth in tonnage.

Does Using Toothpaste Whiten Teeth?

Toothpastes can provide 1-2 tons of tooth opening.  But some abrasive toothpastes can corrode teeth and damage tooth enamel. It is necessary to use toothpaste as recommended by the physician.

Natural Teeth Whitening

Natural teeth whitening methods are listed below;

Yoghurt: Yoghurt is rich in calcium, which is necessary for your teeth to look healthy and shiny. Yoghurt, which is also a good source of phosphorus, is a mineral that works like an ant to make the effects of calcium stronger. Although phosphorus does not have a special whitening effect, it helps to preserve the enamel that gives the teeth external beauty. You can whiten your teeth by consuming plenty of yoghurt.

Cheese: Like yoghurt, cheese strengthens enamel. It is rich in calcium and phosphorus. Just like yogurt, cheese has been proven to nourish and whiten teeth.

Apple: Apples design is like the most beautiful toothbrush. The crisp texture of the apple acts as a mild abrasive to brush plaque that will leave your teeth dull. Thoroughly chewing the apple encourages the production of saliva, which prevents the development of the plaque, and stains disappear.

Carrots: The hard, crispy texture of carrots like apples can actually help you clean your teeth. You can use carrots, which are indispensable in winter and indispensable in our salads, in natural teeth whitening.

Milk: For stronger bones and whiter teeth, we should consume plenty of milk. Milk is rich in both calcium and phosphorus. Consume plenty of milk for bone health and whiten your natural teeth. Half-skimmed or skimmed milk is better to choose.

Celery: One of the foods that whiten teeth with natural methods is celery. Consuming celery with its sharp, fibrous stems both helps to scratch the plaques that cause stains and accelerates the formation of saliva. One of the healthiest food in the winter months, which should consume plenty of celery.

Strawberry: Not only will your teeth be stained, it will also help your teeth look brighter and whiter. Strawberries, which we love to consume because of being eaten, tasted and healthy, are a tooth friend.

If you want to use strawberry to whiten your teeth with natural methods and you want to get more effect, you can try this method; For even more whitening, try rubbing the mashed strawberry on your teeth like a paste for five minutes, then rinsing and brushing normally. You will see the difference.

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