What is Buttock Prosthesis? 

Especially in women, an oval and prominent butt with a thin waist is the most desirable form of body. Many women think that the butt is not sufficiently protruding and aesthetic. Different methods have been tried to enlarge the butt area and achieve an aesthetic appearance but the most preferred method in terms of success rate and patient satisfaction is buttock prosthesis.  Fat injection in the butt area applied in recent years, although a good method can be applied; it may involve problems such as requiring multiple applications to ensure adequate growth of the buttocks and loss of volume over time. On the other hand, buttock prosthesis, the butt area permanently provides the desired size.

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What Should Be Done Before Buttock Prosthesis?

Smoking and alcohol should be stopped 2 weeks before the buttock prosthesis procedure. However, aspirin and its derivatives should not be consumed as they may cause bleeding in the butt region.

How To Do Buttock Prosthesis?

Before the buttock prosthesis procedure, the patient is given general anesthesia to relieve the pain. The doctor will then make an incision under the hip muscle to ensure that it remains permanently in place near the butt area where the prosthesis will be placed. The same method is used to create a natural, symmetrical look on the other butt. These flat prosthetic slices are placed under the skin to obtain a more curved appearance in the pelvic and lower pelvic regions.  Prostheses are usually not placed deep inside the tissue, especially. Therefore, potential complications are very few.

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What Are The Benefits Of Buttock Prosthesis?

The buttock prosthesis procedure will give a long-term result. Unlike cosmetic butt injections that use fat injections that will lose their effect over time, buttock prostheses will retain their shape and quality permanently. Provides a more consistent and aesthetic appearance.

What Should Be Done After Buttock Prosthesis?

For the first 30 to 60 days after buttock prosthesis application, patients are typically advised to wear special protective clothing and do not exercise any heavy or strenuous exercise. It is normal for bruising, swelling and pain for several days after application.  Antibiotics and painkillers given by the doctor should be used meticulously. Since the treated area is not a seating area, it can be easily seated. In this period, it is also very important to eat a healthy and balanced diet.

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