Clary Sage Oil

Among the benefits of clary sage oil are to support the digestive system, to eliminate possible sudden cramps, to balance hormones in a wonderful way, to manage depression, to treat insomnia in a short time, to reduce stress with cortisol, to fight bacteria, to eliminate acne, to regulate blood pressure, alleviate the symptoms of asthma, eye  to promote health and promote healthy hair.

What is Clary Sage Oil?

Sage is a very healthy plant grown in temperate growing. Clary sage oil is an extremely healing vegetable oil obtained by sage plant pressing method. Clary sage oil has been known since the Middle Ages for its international technology and this oil, with its carminative properties.  In addition, this oil is also preferred by doctors in ancient times to learn about labor and to address gynecological problems. Chemical properties of clary sage oil include alpha-terpinol, linalyl acetate, neryl acetate, germacren and sclareol.

What are the Benefits of Clary Sage Oil?

Clary sage oil, like the plant, provides excellent benefits to human health. This fat deep speaks of a healthy digestion, relieves cramps by showing antispasmodic effect, balances the hormonal plan and cures mental treatment such as depression. Now let’s examine what are the benefits of sage oil;

Clary Sage Oil Promotes Healthy Digestion

Clary sage oil can be used to increase fluid flow necessary for digestion and to stimulate the health of the colon.  It is lubricated, makes the digestive system work much smoother, prepares what is necessary for the activity of the medical.  With all this, sage oil can be added to vegetable oils such as coconut or mustard oil, and to direct convulsions.

Clary Sage Oil Relieves Sudden Cramps

The antispasmodic properties of sage oil quickly relieve cramps from PMS or other stomach ailments.  Furthermore, the homogeneous mixing of jojoba, coconut or argan oil with sage oil can be much more effective for cramps.

Clary Sage Oil Balances Hormones

Hormonal imbalance can cause significant unnecessary serious health problems in women.  Excessive weight gain and inability to conceive are just a few of the hormonal imbalances in the body.  It can also cause severe postmenopausal depression in women. Clary sage oil, estrogen balancing properties were demonstrated. Excellent effect property on hormones.  It also provides regulators of TSH levels, which are thyroid hormones. For this, sage oil can be directly dissolved or given as massage oil.

Clary Sage Oil Manages Depression

People suffering from depression cannot calm down and think in a healthy way without staying away. This may cause symptoms of bipolar disorder or anxiety behaviors. Clary sage oil, lighten mood, lightens the mind, triggers brain activity, has calming and characteristic properties. It can be very refreshing after the diffuser, after which you could have a refreshing bath or after sleeping at night. There, together with ylang ylang oil and clary sage oil, a mixture immediately relieves anxiety and depression. Sage regularly for such problems

Clary Sage Oil Cures Insomnia

When the most important breakthroughs to eliminate the effects of insomnia should be adopted. However, it may pose a risk to security in the country. Clary sage oil, where his mind can clear and can rest on a busy day.  This oil quickly puts the sleeping bag and the sleeping pattern on the track in long-term use.

Clary Sage Oil Cortisol Reduces Stress Relief Properties

The goal of the human body is to produce cortisol in extreme time while under pressure to regulate blood pressure and protect the heart. This can cause serious damage to the overall health of the treatment and cause nerve damage. Clary sage oil is very important for adjusting cortisol levels in the body. A few drops of sage before sleeping at night to relieve stress and lower cortisol

Clary Sage Oil Combats Bacteria

Clary sage oil has antimicrobial properties that can remove harmful bacteria from the digestive tract and at the same time eliminate the trapped gas. Choose this fat, inflammation in the intestine and be healthy.

Clary Sage Oil Manages Blood Pressure

Clary sage oil relaxes the arteries and prefers oxygenation in the blood there. This leads to a blood flow in the filtration. Relaxed vessels and muscles are ideal for providing a moderate blood flow to the heart. This fat can also manage the risk of heart attack by managing the blood pressure in the body.

Clary Sage Oil Treats Asthma

Clary sage oil treats asthma symptoms and other diseases quickly. Mixed with lavender oil to calm the sinuses and improve breathing.

Clary Sage Oil Shows Antispasmodic Effect

Spasms are likely to be very flammable and as a result seizures occur. Clary sage oil is an effective supplement with antispasmodic properties, used to soothe cramps and relax brain nerves. This oil also has a serious risk of seizures.

Clary Sage Oil Promotes Eye Health

Clary sage oil is something that stands out for centuries and is also called eye cleansing oil. A few drops of sage oil are dripped onto a piece of cloth, and then this piece of cloth is placed on the eyes. This application cleans thoroughly, cleanses and removes bacteria.

What are the Benefits of Clary Sage Oil to the Skin?

Clary sage oil prevents acne formation with acne, repairs scars, moisturizes the skin and prevents excess sebum formation.  Now let’s examine what the benefits of sage oil to the skin;

Clary Sage Oil Prevents Acne Formation

Clary sage oil has sebum controlling properties that help in the formation of acne. Furthermore, this oil exhibits anti-inflammatory, sedative and antiseptic characteristics. After washing your face topically takes.

Clary Sage Oil Reduces Skin Inflammation

Clary sage oil has cinnamic acid derivatives with high anti-inflammatory properties. This increases the property of fatty acids. Prior to rose disease, problematic inflammations can be highly alleviated by this oil.

Clary Sage Oil Provides Skin Relaxation

Clary sage oil has both anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties, providing a high level of skin relaxation.  Any dryness on the skin may cause the skin to become flaky or rash. Important fatty acids found in this oil

Clary Sage Oil is an Excellent AntiFree Radical Agent

Clary sage oil is considered one of the healthiest anti-aging agents for the skin. Rapidly stimulates elastin and collagen production in the skin. It takes the medicines contained in the oil, the skin gets a smooth, vibrant and shiny appearance. While this fat is managed regularly, it reduces wrinkles and thinness. The anti-aging properties of this oil increase skin screening, circulation and require cell regeneration.

What are the Benefits of Clary Sage Oil to Hair?

Rosemary oil and clary sage oil provide excellent care for hair when used together. The best way to do this is to gently massage your hair follicles, never mind the new shower. This application traps moisture in the hair follicles and leads to long and healthy hair.

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