Rosehip Seed Oil

Rosehip seed oil is a very rich vegetable oil.Light yellow and clear oil may turn into orange equivalent depending on the its content. Rosehip oil is produced by squeezing the rosehip seeds and flowers by mechanical pressing and then refining them. It is obtained in a very laborious manner because the core is very hard. Rosehip oil is less produced because of the hardness of the core.This increases the price of rosehip oil compared to other oils. In normal conditions, when creating this oil, vitamin E, called Toçopherol, is added to the oil. This oil lasts for a year when stored in cool and dark places.It is important to be careful when buying, whether the oil you buy is made from pure rosehip kernel oil or a mixture is to pay attention to. It is important that the rosehip oil be pure to take advantage of its benefits.So we recommend you not to buy the oil you find cheap.

Cheap oils may not be pure. It is also possible to come across rosehip oil, produced in the form of aroma which are sold at a more affordable price.The oils produced as aroma do not have any benefit to the skin.  It can even cause skin fatigue due to its intense content. The history of the use of rosehip oil can be traced back to very old dates.The history of this oil goes back to the Mayans and Indians.Even at that time, women used rosehip seed oil to preserve skin beauty and remove blemishes on the skin.Today it is used in many cosmetic products.

Content of Rosehip Oil

Rosehip oil, like other vegetable oils, contains a high proportion of omega.Omega 3, Omega 6, retinol, vitamin A contains a lot of benefits on the skin is known. It contains rich omega content as well as many vitamins. It has vitamins A, E and C. Rosehip oil has a sweet, sour odor when it is smelled.The oil which is in liquid form at room temperature has about 29% fatty acid. It is known that rosehip oil which has many benefits shows very important positive effects especially on skin.

Usage in Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry

 It is used in the pharmaceutical and medical industries against dry, dandruff and problem skin.It is also found in creams produced against skin burns. It is also used in problematic gums and oral wounds.

Usage in Cosmetic Industry

 It is used in the majority of day and night creams applied to the skin. It provides the renewal of the skin as well as maintains the moisture content. Thanks to these properties, it continues to be used as a raw material in the cosmetic sector.

What Are The Benefits Of Rosehip Oil?

  • Moisturizes dry skin;

 Rosehip contains a rich amount of vitamin E. This vitamin E plays an important role in maintaining the moisture content of the skin and mousturizing dry skin.

  • Protects against wrinkles;

 Rosehip oil prevents the deepening of the lines formed by aging and tightens the skin. It fights against sagging and wrinkle problems with this feature.

  • Provides renewal of cells;

 Rosehip oil allows cell regeneration and revitalization of inanimate cells in the skin,and as a result of regular use, the skin looks healthier and brighter.

  • It has protective properties against germs;

 An important feature of the rosehip seed oil on the skin is the fight against microbes in the skin and protection of the skin against cold in the cold months. Provides vitality for tired looking skin It is an oil that can easily be used by those who do not like the feeling of oil on the skin and does not make the feeling of weight on the skin.

  • Helps remove eczema and acne spots;

 Essential oils in the rosehip oil, eczema and acne to eliminate the traces caused by. These essential oils enhance skin elasticity and permeability, making it easier to repair itself. Vitamin A also undertakes a serious task at this stage.

  • Strengthens the immune system;

 Rosehip oil is a powerful source of vitamin C. Vitamin C provides the body needs to support the strengthening of the immune system.

  • Helps reduce meniscus;

People with meniscus disease can find a remedy by drinking a cup of rose hip tea every day. In the notation of Arthritis Research, it is stated that rosehip tea drinkers have come a long way in terms of meniscus compared to nonsmokers.

It has an effect on the hair as well as on the skin. It is used for revitalizing dry hair and reducing dryness. You can safely use rosehip oil in your shampoos as well as in your creams. It is known that rosehip oil is also used to prevent dandruff problems in hair bottoms. It is also used in the revitalization of dry hair and in the reduction of dryness. In this case, the rosehip oil applied to the whole hair with hair bottoms should be washed and cleaned after waiting for 30 minutes.

  • It is a powerful antioxidant.

 Prevents urinary tract infections.Provides support for regular functioning of the kidneys.Helps relieve headaches and is a good antidepressant.

 Note: It is also known to protect against sunburn by applying before sun exposure.

The Benefits Of Rosehip Oil For Skin

  • Helps maintain moisture and water balance.
  • Provides support for pigment production of skin.
  • Keeps skin young.
  • Removes sun spots.
  • Fine lines on the face, goose’s feet,provides support to prevent the formation of marks around the lips.  In addition, it prevents existing traces from deepening. This prevents the skin from becoming deformed.
  • It is considered as a good moisturizer with the help of vitamin E contained in it.Prevents chronic dryness
  • It contributes to the appearance of the skin alive.
  • Psoriasis is effective in the treatment of skin diseases such as eczema.
  • Omega 3 and Omega 6 in its contents, showing restorative properties, skin cracks and eliminate the arch enemy of the ladies cellulite.
  • It is useful to eliminate the cracks caused by birth.
  • Helps eliminate the bruises that occur in custody due to stress, fatigue and similar reasons.
  • Helps make-up permanent.  In this sense, it can act as basic by applying to the skin before make-up.
  • Helps to strengthen the nails.  Helps make them look brighter and more vibrant

 Rosehip Oil For Hair

  • Provides healthier hair growth.
  • Prevents diseases that occur on the scalp.
  • Prevents hair loss.
  • Helps maintain moisture balance of hair
  • Provides hair regeneration.
  • It is a good moisturizer and natural softener for hair.
  • Prevents dandruff formation in hair.
  • Accelerates blood circulation on the scalp.

How To Use Rosehip Oil?

Rosehip oil is an oil that is very easy to use. The skin is absorbed very quickly and does not cause a bad smell. If you can use rosehip oil from herbal products regularly, you can add them to your creams and use them both as a protection against germs on the skin. It is also possible that rosehip oil is plain.In this way, you can massage the oil in the form of cream by directing the skin.It is recommended to massage your skin with rosehip oil before you make up to increase the permanence of the makeup and make it stay longer. Rosehip oil,not only on your face, hands, face, feet, legs,arms and chest in all parts of your body you want. Rosehip oil is also found in aroma therapy oils in beauty salon.

Side Effects Of Rosehip Oil

Rosehip oil, like all vegetable oils, may cause allergies. So before you use a little check to see if you are allergic to rosehip oil. Doing this test without applying rosehip oil to your skin may make your skin more sensitive. Rosehip oil has no other side effects unless it is allergic.As we said before, it can be used safely throughout the body.Another important consideration is that rosehip oil should be used on the skin only once a day.


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