Madecassol Cream (Multi-Effective Cream – Solved 2024)

Madecassol cream is known as one of the most effective creams that have proven itself in treating burns and wounds. Madecassol cream, which has many benefits for the skin, has many different uses.

The fact that this cream is entirely herbal prevents the occurrence of side effects or complicated situations. This is the reason why this cream is famous. Those who use the Madecassol cream state that they are delighted with this cream. This cream is suitable for people of all ages.

Since this cream is oily, it isn’t recommended to be applied during the day. Abuse of the cream is also quite common, as many people are completely misinformed and do not have very detailed information about this cream. Those with oily skin aren’t recommended to use this cream. If you have oily skin, the cream can entirely clog the pores, causing acne and blackheads to enlarge.

What is Madecassol Cream?

Madecassol cream is one of the creams sold by prescription in pharmacies. This cream is derived from the Guto Kola extract of the Centella Asiatica plant. If you are not allergic to this ingredient, likely, you will not experience any side effects. On average, 1 gram of ointment contains about 10 mg of the active ingredient Centella Asiatica.

Note: Gotu Kola, or Asian spark, is popularly preferred in India and China, especially in alternative medicine for burn and wound treatment. In addition, this plant has been used to treat cancer, leprosy, skin problems, hemorrhoids, or anal fissure since ancient times.

One of the most important reasons this cream is frequently preferred globally is that its content consists entirely of herbal forms and the chemicals are almost non-existent. As a result, this cream, which has a white color, shows its effect instantly for many skin problems.

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What is Madecassol Cream?

What is Madecassol Cream Used For?

We would like to answer what Madecassol cream does and explain the instructions for use. Keep reading, please!

Madecassol cream is used for:

  • In skin or tissue damage
  • First or second-degree burns
  • In cracks in the nipples
  • in the circumcision area
  • In the operated area
  • In skin damage caused by impact or friction
  • Problems in genital areas
  • Greatly moisturizing cracked or dry skin
  • In repairing possible irritations after tattooing
  • Repairing irritated, cracked, and worn skin
  • Heel cracks with foot care
  • Dry hands

The usage area of this cream is vast. In addition, the cream can be applied for possible home accidents or minor injuries and scratches.

Note: This cream should never be applied directly to open wounds and burns. Please consult your doctor about this.

What are the Benefits of Madecassol Cream for the Skin?

The question of what are the benefits of Madecassol cream for the skin is also a matter of curiosity. This cream is one of the creams that you can easily use for skin problems and to protect the skin at a high level. This cream, which moisturizes dry skin to a great extent, has a therapeutic effect and cell regenerative functions. Furthermore, this cream, which also prevents irritation on the skin after waxing, shows its effect instantly when used correctly.

This cream also prevents the darkening of elbows, armpits, and knees. In addition, it prevents lip cracks and can also be used to care for the eye area.

How to Apply Madecassol Cream to the Skin?

The question of how to apply this cream to the skin is also frequently asked. This cream is straightforward to use. Before applying Madecasol cream, the problem area should be cleaned. Since the cream is primarily oily, it will be sufficient to apply it in the size of chickpeas without exaggeration.

When using this cream to the skin and face, it is recommended to massage with fingertips. This is because the cream is quickly absorbed into the skin. It will be enough to apply the cream 1-2 times a day.

If you are going to apply this cream to burns and wounds, you should use it in a thin layer. Apply a thin layer on dry skin to moisturize the skin.

Is Madecassol Cream Good For Pimples?

One of the popularly asked questions is whether this cream is suitable for acne. To answer this question in detail, this cream, when applied to oily skin, will clog the pores and, on the contrary, cause acne. Therefore, especially if you have oily skin, do not use this cream unconsciously with hearsay information. It is also inconvenient to apply this cream on sunny days or during the day.

Does Madecassol Cream Whiten Skin?

Madecassol cream is also used to whiten the skin. But it certainly does not penetrate skin imperfections. Instead, when used regularly, it will lighten your skin tone.

Madecassol Cream and Bepanthol Cream Mix

We want to share the recipe of this mixture, which can be prepared in pharmacies in general and provides excellent benefits to the skin. Instead of having this mixture at very high prices, you can easily make this cure yourself at home. This mixture will eliminate various skin problems in a short time.

Squeeze 30 grams of Bepanthen Plus Cream or Bepanthol Skin Care Cream and 40 grams of Madecassol cream into a bowl and mix until homogeneous. If you want a wholly regenerating and effective repair cream for cells, you can also add a vitamin E ampoule to rejuvenate the skin. When you apply this mixture regularly every night, you will see the effect in a short time.

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Madecassol and Bepanthol Mix

Are There Any Side Effects of Madecassol Cream? Is Madecassol Cream Harmful?

It will help if you read the answer to whether this cream has side effects and whether this cream is harmful. Madecassol cream is a very effective cream with many benefits, side effects, and almost no harm.

In general, side effects may occur due to excessive use. In addition, allergic reactions may develop against the active ingredient in the cream. These side effects disappear completely when you stop using the cream. Side effects of this cream are generally as follows;

  • Irritation
  • Combustion
  • Rash or hives
  • Redness
  • Sensitization of the skin and allergic dermatitis.

What is Madecassol Cream Equivalent?

The answer to the question of what is the equivalent of Madecassol cream is here! Equivalent to this cream are:

  • Madegsole cream
  • Madefix cream
  • Magenta cream

Users of Madecassol Cream

We tried to collect the comments in forums, social media, and dictionaries about this cream users and reviews. We have typically come across many positive articles or reviews about this cream. However, some experienced minor side effects. For example, one comment was: ”Madecassol greatly irritated my skin and we suffered from acne.”,

Those who use this cream say that the cream moisturizes the skin very well and has very effective results. In addition, those who use this cream regularly state that it has a skin whitening effect, and even a few people have said that this cream whitens their skin up to 3 tones. 


Can Madecassol cream be used on the face?

You can easily apply this cream to the face. However, if you have oily skin, use this cream at night and apply it sparingly.

Can Madecassol cream be purchased without a prescription?

Yes! You can buy this cream at the pharmacy without a prescription.

Is Madecassol cream good for moles?

It is still unknown if this cream has any effect on moles. More work needs for this.

Is Madecassol cream good for foot fungus?

Madecassol cream isn’t antifungal, so it isn’t a fungal cream. Consult your doctor for the athlete’s foot.

Does Madecassol cream grow hair?

The question of whether this cream grows hair also ask. Using this cream for a long time nourishes the hair follicles and causes hair growth.

Is Madecassol good for pimples?

Unfortunately, this cream isn’t very effective on skin blemishes. It is effective only against superficial brown spots on the skin.

Is Madecassol cream applied to the genital area?

You can apply this cream to the genital area or bikini area. You can even prevent irritation by using a post-wax cream.

Is Madecassol cream good for stretch marks?

You can use this cream against stretch marks after weight loss and pregnancy. When used regularly, it will make the cracks disappear.

Is Madecassol cream good for rosacea?

Rosacea is typically known for redness and itching. Consult your doctor before using this cream for rosacea.

Can Madecassol cream be used for dark underarms?

You can use this cream to prevent darkening of the genital area and armpits. Using the cream regularly avoids underarm darkening, and your color tone will lighten.

Is Madecassol cream good for piles?

Whether Madecassol cream is suitable for hemorrhoids is still a matter of debate. However, these are serious health problems and must treat. Therefore, you should not use it without a doctor’s advice.

Is Madecassol cream suitable for a rash?

Madecassol cream is not an anti-nappy rash cream. Never use it in the treatment of diaper rash, especially in babies.

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