Benefits of Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is one of the essential oils with its smell. It gives people a sense of cleanliness, renewed purity. Because of these properties, the smell of lavender is among the most popular and used in shower gels, fabric softeners, massage oils, and creams. Lavender oil is an oil containing allergens. To measure your skin’s sensitivity to this oil, drop a drop on the inside of your wrist and let it sit. If flushing and swelling occur, you should avoid the use of skin contact. Alcoholics, breastfeeding mothers, and pregnant women should not use lavender oil.

Benefits of lavender oil

The most available and compelling feature of lavender oil is that it copes with stress and sleeplessness. A few drops of this oil dripped into the pillowcase before going to bed at night will allow you to sleep all night. If you have insomnia, we recommend trying this recipe instead of taking medication. Eight hours of uninterrupted sleep is guaranteed. Instead, the this oil that fills and drops into the bathtub takes away your negative energy along with the water. You come out of the bathroom, relaxed and refreshed. In winter, a pot of lavender oil in the water will cover the whole house and give you peace of mind. If you drink any tea before sleeping, one or two drops of lavender oil to drip brings extra sleep. Muscles relieve pain caused by fatigue.

It’s beneficial to use it for contractions after doing sports. The area should be kept warm after massaging the aching place thoroughly with oil. Rheumatic pains can become unbearable, especially in rainy and humid weather. With lavender oil, you can easily and quickly relieve these pains. Lavender oil, which is fed and waited by massaging the hair bottoms, removes dandruff. It also allows hair to increase. It should be applied to the ends of the hair to ensure rapid growth of the hair. 

If you have a hair type that needs to be washed every day and lubricated very quickly, lavender oil adjusts this excess oil balance. There is a return from oily hair to normal hair in a short period. To beautify and care for your hair, add 1-2 drops into your regular shampoo before each use. If your head is excruciating, you can relieve the pain thanks to lavender oil applied to the temples, forehead, and neck. At the same time, the smell of lavender provides relaxation. If you cough because of bronchitis, allergies, asthma, or colds, lavender oil is good for coughing. It also removes phlegm and excretion. In the winter, the lips are scorched by cold and wind, and in summer, by heat, crack. These cracks cause peeling and scars on the lips. 

This important oil is very valid to prevent lips from cracking or repairing cracks. It’s used to relieve the pain and redness of sunburn. This potent essential oil soothes non-pregnancy nausea. You can smell it by dropping two drops of lavender oil to the neck of your garment or a handkerchief standing near you. Essentially and extractive extracted lavender oil has a very sharp smell. 2 to 3 minutes after opening the bottle cap causes headache and difficulty breathing air. This type of oil is the most accepted. But it should be diluted.

Lavender oil is an excellent wound cleaner. Antiseptic properties. It isn’t recommended for continuous use in boys. Lavender oil is very effective in removing acne. After the skin is cleaned, it is applied at night. After a bit of absorption on the skin, sleeps with lavender oil. Dryness is seen in regular acne when you get up in the morning; acne is effective in a little more prolonged use. If you want to be more effective, put 4-5 drops of lavender oil and one drop of tea tree oil in boiled and chilled distilled water. The size of the water should be precisely 1 cup. If the desired result is not obtained after using it for 15 days, the sphere should be restarted for one week. It should be applied as clean compresses with clean skin and cotton.

If you want to make lavender oil at home, you need pure olive oil and lavender. One tea glass of freshly collected lavender, two tea glass of olive oil is mixed. Lavender must be crushed in a mortar before meeting with olive oil. It should be kept in a glass bottle for one month in a place exposed to sunlight. During this period, every day must be shaken.

In summer, it kidnaps mosquitoes that make you nervous and sleepless. If you think that your eyebrows and eyelashes are sparse, you can get bushy eyebrows and long eyelashes with this oil. You can get help from a cotton swab while applying it to the eyelashes while applying it to the eyebrows. Add 20 drops of lavender oil into 250 ml of water and put into a spray container. Periodically squeeze the winches or into the wardrobes. It will keep months away from your clothes. Sometimes dropping lavender oil on the entrance or garden door of the house to prevent the ants from nesting will allow them to move out without damaging these tiny creatures.

Lavender oil effectively treats skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis. Allergies often multiply in the spring or winter cold; if your eyes occur in the eye, you can remove the tears by applying the eyelids. It neutralizes insect and bee stings thanks to its antiseptic properties. Warts also give a week’s results. When incorporated into the skin moisturizer, it has an anti-aging effect. It also prevents the lice problem that children face in school. Lice do not come to children washed with lavender oil shampoo.

Lavender oil acne treatment

This oil can eliminate your acne. To eliminate acne, lavender oil and the mixture you prepare will apply directly to your skin is enough.


  • 30 ml of jojoba oil
  • 10 ml lavender oil
  • 10 ml tea tree oil

Mix all of the above ingredients thoroughly in a bowl and apply to your cleansed skin, especially the spotty area, and if used regularly, you will soon see that it eliminates acne by drying.

Skin care with lavender oil

When this oil is applied to the skin, it can get an effective result.


  • 2 spoonfuls of green bean flour
  • 1 egg white
  • 2 drops of lavender oil
  • Preparation and application

We mix all the materials mentioned above in a container. After the mixture has reached the consistency of waxing, we apply it all over our face except the eye area and lips. After waiting an average of 15 minutes, you can wash and rinse with hot water. Already during this time, a slight burning sensation will occur on your face. When used regularly, you will notice that skin color is discolored, fat and pimples disappear.



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