Hazelnut Oil: Benefits, Uses and More

Hazelnut oil benefits include:

  • Eliminating acne.
  • Preventing premature skin aging.
  • Protecting the skin from harmful UV rays.
  • Supporting heart health.
  • Excellent hair repair.

What is hazelnut oil?

Hazelnut oil is obtained by cold pressing from hazelnut, also known as Corylus. Hazelnut oil can be used in almost every field, and this oil is especially beneficial for hair and skin health. The main components of this oil are oleic acid and linoleum acid. It also contains palmitic acid, stearic acid, and linolenic acid. This oil is very rich in phytosterols (nutrients that are beneficial to heart health). Hazelnut oil also contains minerals such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium. These nutrients and minerals in this oil come with additional benefits required to give perfect skin and hair. Hazelnut oil doesn’t quickly deteriorate and can last for a long time.

What are the benefits of hazelnut oil?

The benefits of hazelnut oil are generally attributed to the components it contains. Because this oil contains many properties of hazelnut, due to its benefits to the skin, hair, and general health, the use of this oil has recently become prevalent. Now let’s examine the benefits of hazelnut oil closely;

Protects heart health

Hazelnut oil is a good source of unsaturated fat. Unsaturated fats, especially oleic acid, can significantly lower HDL levels while lowering LDL levels. Only one teaspoon of hazelnut oil meets 50% of the required magnesium levels on average. Magnesium plays a crucial role in regulating calcium levels. Magnesium creates the space needed for the heart to rest and protects the heart tremendously by preventing excessive stress.

Natural power to prevent cancer

Hazelnut oil is a significant source of power, especially alpha-tocopherol, a vitamin E component known to have the ability to reduce the risk associated with the onset of bladder cancer by more than 50%. This mineral is an essential component of an anti-oxidative enzyme in mitochondria, and therefore hazelnut oil plays a vital role in preventing cancer.

Improves muscle health

Magnesium, calcium levels play a vital role in ensuring the healthy passage of body cells. Magnesium, also present in hazelnut oil, helps muscle contraction and prevents excessive tension in the muscles. This significantly reduces muscle tension and prevents muscle fatigue, possible spasms, sudden, developing cramps, or typical muscle pain.

Provides extremely benefit to joint and bone health

Magnesium and calcium are essential for the general health of bones and joints. Extra magnesium to be stored by the bones comes to the rescue in case of a sudden deficiency of this mineral. In addition, hazelnut oil contains manganese, a mineral suitable for bone endurance and development. Hazelnut oil is an inevitable natural treatment option for menopause and postmenopausal women to protect them from osteoporosis, brittle or porous bones.

Improves nervous system health

Vitamin B6 is essential for the balanced function of amino acids. Each of these acids plays a regulatory role in maintaining the balance of the nervous system. Vitamin B6 deficiency is known to ultimately interfere with the synthesis of myelin (the nerve isolation scheme responsible for the activity and speed of electrical impulses) required for the healthy functioning of the nervous system. Vitamin B6 is also essential for the proper production of various neurotransmitters, including melatonin, epinephrine, and serotonin. Thanks to these components contained in hazelnut oil, the central nervous system health improves at a high rate.

Protects digestive system health

Manganese in hazelnut oil is a mineral that plays a vital role in synthesizing fatty acids and cholesterol. This mineral is also an essential protein metabolic and carbohydrate substance. As the manganese level in the body system starts to increase, protein and carbohydrate metabolism will be healthier. This will improve the essential health of the digestive system as much as possible.

Strengthens immune system

Hazelnut oil carries plenty of nutrients, including minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, and manganese. All these healthy foods are essential to regulate the blood flow in the body healthily. Healthy circulating blood strengthens the immune system. This prevents various undesirable health problems.

Good for stress and depression

Hazelnut oil contains omega three fatty acids and a high level of alpha-linolenic acid. Together with vitamin B, these elements play a very influential role in preventing and severely reducing different psychological problems, including stress, anxiety, depression, and even anxiety. These components also increase memory levels and play a crucial role in synthesizing neurotransmitters such as serotonin.

Plays an important role in improving fertility levels

Research has shown that this oil can reduce blood sugar levels, increase insulin sensitivity and thus increase fertility levels.

Reduces menstrual cramps

Hazelnut oil is rich in magnesium, calcium, vitamin E, and other nutrient components. These components are known to have a very positive effect in alleviating menstrual cramps and help maintain the menstrual cycle much better.

What are the benefits of hazelnut oil to the skin?

The benefits of hazelnut oil to the skin are countless. In general, this oil contains anti-aging properties, is a natural moisturizer, and perfectly repairs the skin. Now let’s look at the benefits of hazelnut oil to the skin in detail;

Helps delay premature aging

Hazelnut oil provides an average of 86% of the skin’s Vitamin E needs. It also contains vitamins C and A, two powerful antioxidants. Thanks to the high synergistic effect of these vitamins, fine lines and wrinkles are reduced. Thus, the onset of signs of aging is somewhat delayed. Hazelnut oil can be applied daily to the skin.

Natural skin moisturizer

As described above, this oil contains high amounts of vitamin E. Vitamin E helps moisturize the skin in a highly natural way. Thus, the skin softens. In addition, the skin appears visibly bright.

Protects against hard UV rays

Hazelnut oil is a natural sunscreen that protects you from the damaging effects of harsh UV rays. Mix a few drops of avocado, walnut, and hazelnut oil homogeneously and apply this mixed natural oil to your skin daily to protect against these harmful rays.

Keeps skin healthy and fresh

Hazelnut oil, full of antioxidants, plays a vital role in making the skin look much healthier. Antioxidants fight free radicals that can seriously damage the surface of the skin. It also protects the skin against UVA / UVB skin cancer. Flavanoids, together with antioxidants, stimulate the regeneration of collagen and elastin. This eliminates dead cells, resulting in healthier and younger-looking skin.

Reduces acne

Hazelnut oil reduces acne thanks to its high vitamins and components. In addition, when applied to skin that tends to acne, it prevents the formation of acne by nourishing the pores and balances sebum production.

What are the benefits of hazelnut oil to hair?

Hazelnut oil is used as a natural component in various coloring agents. Hazelnut oil will not only create a delicious brown color tone, but it will also make the hair color last longer. In addition, it provides extra protection by protecting against damages caused by chemical applications. You can easily use this oil in your daily hair care routine. You can apply a small amount to your scalp and hair and massage them for a few minutes. If you leave it on your hair during the night and rinse with a mild shampoo in the morning, the hair follicles will become incredibly strong.





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